URL Encoder / Decoder



  • encodeURI() is a function used in Javascript to encode URLs. It focuses on encoding the entire URL, so in addition to the common symbols, some other symbols that have a special meaning in the URL "; / ? : @ & = + $ , #" are not encoded either. After encoding, it outputs the symbols in utf-8 form and prefixes each byte with %.
  • The difference between encodeURIComponent() and encodeURI() is that it is used to encode components of a URL individually, not to encode the entire URL. Thus "; / ? : @ & = + $ , #", which are not encoded in encodeURI(), will be encoded in encodeURIComponent(). As for the specific encoding method, it is the same for both.

URL Encoder / Decoder is a free online developer tool to encode a URL string to comply with the URL standard or decode a URL string to a human-friendly and more readable one.

This tool is split into two modes: URL Encoder and URL Decoder.

URL Encoder - Encodes a URL string to comply with the URL standard (RFC 1738).

URL Decoder - Decodes a URL string to its original characters which are human-friendly and readable.